• “Whenever I hear of a family, friend or co-worker looking for a mortgage broker I always refer them to Jay Norwood from Generation Mortgage LLC.  I trust her work so much that I personally have done business with her on 3 separate occasions. She does an exhaustive search to get me the best rate and find the best mortgage program available. She also handles all of the tedious paperwork and make the process painless. Her dedication, commitment to me, her amazing ability to problem solve and her extremely great personality sets her apart from the rest.. As a busy professional, I expect and need the utmost in service and that is exactly what you get when you work with Jay Norwood from Generation Mortgage LLC."
    Jason N.
  • It's been my pleasure to work with Jay both on a professional as well as a personal level regarding Mortgage representation. As President of High Ridge Title Services, LLC I have worked with Jay and have found her to be both knowledgable and personally a pleasure to do business with.
    D. G.
  • I have used Jay Norwood's services for the past 20 years to purchase 3 properties and refinance each of them over the years.  There is nothing that she can't overcome with her innovative thinking, knowledge of the business and relationships that she has built.  From getting the lowest possible rate to walking through the closing contracts and selecting an all-star team, Jay is a pleasure to work with and an expert in the field of mortgage brokerage.  It is without reservation that I recommend Jay to my family and friends for all of their mortgage needs from purchasing a first home, or refinancing an existing home.
    B. H. -- Investment Management
  • Dustin was fantastic to work with in securing our mortgage.  He lets you know exactly what he needs and is quick to respond anytime of day...email or phone.  Things were wrapped up for the closing well in advance and the whole process was worry free.  On top of that his rates are great.
    C.N. -- Stamford, CT
  • Dustin is a true mortgage professional. My husband and I found our dream home on December 5, 2013 and closed in 41 days. He responded to our inquiry in a timely fashion, listened to our situation and guided us step-by-step in obtaining all the information necessary to make our dream come true. He is highly knowledgeable is his field. Feel confident in that he will not steer you in the wrong direction. Without his experience, another mortgage professional may have not been able to help us navigate through our unique situation.We placed 100% confidence in him - and we are 110% pleased. We highly recommend Dustin and his staff. We look forward to working with him in the future for all our mortgage needs.
    D.C.-- Plainfield, CT
  • Dustin and Colleen were Excellent during our whole home buying experience. They responded to all of home buying needs and questions very quickly.  Both Dustin and Colleen ensured that any challenging situations were handled on the lowest level. My husband and I would highly recommend Dustin Mack and his team to anyone looking to buy a house with ease.  Thank you Dustin and Colleen!! You are AWESOME.
    L.W. -- Ledyard, CT
  • I met w/4 lenders/banks to discuss my refinance & Dustin was my 5th contact. I was immediately impressed w/his knowledge, follow through, NON-pushiness approach, & the products he was representing. He explained my options, offered to walk me through everything, & he provided the information I needed so I could do my side-by-side comparisons. Not only were his rates comparable or better, but the closing fees were comparable or lower too. The list of items needed for the refinance was provided quicky & it allowed me to prep accordingly. I felt comfortable doing business with Dustin & would not hesitate to recommend him to others. Since my refinance, within 5 days, I referred Dustin to at least 5 people. I think that in itself says a lot as I'm a picky shopper who expects and demads superb customer service.
    M.H.-- Bloomfield, CT
  • Dustin was very good. Very helpful. 100% detailed and great explanations of the process. Would love to work with him again and would definitely recommend to others. He was very dedicated to helping me at any time.
  • I'm a first time home buyer and I must say the getting my mortgage was the easiest part of the process. Dustin helped me every step of the way and was thorough as well.
    user2178302 East Hampton, CT
  • It is a pleasure to write this letter to THANK Dustin Mack in helping us complete the biggest and most enjoyable purchase in our life so far. He was so helpful, very knowledgeable, and always on top of every detail. His professionalism and excellent service made our buying house progress so much easier. He went above and beyond. We are truly grateful for all the time and dedication he put in helping us. We would certainly recommend Dustin Mack to anyone who is interested to work with a person who listens what you want and truly cares .
    S S--Agwam MA
  • For those of you who don’t know, buying a house is not as glamorous as HGTV makes it seem. There is a lot of leg work that goes into it. With hoops to jump through, and bridges to cross you need someone to help guide you through it. I was fortunate as a first time home buyer to have had Dustin in my corner. He was available when I was stressed and concerned, and always eager to help. This review is to show my sincere appreciation for the work that Dustin put in on my behalf. I truly recommend him for anyone in the market for a home loan.
    P.P--Windsor, CT
  • I had the opportunity to work with Dustin when purchasing my home. As a first-time home buyer, I was very unfamiliar with real estate and financing in's and out's. Dustin was absolutely wonderful to work with and answered every question I had. Even when I offered that he speak with my father about certain items I didn't understand, he insisted that he explain to me as well, since I was his client.  The home inspection and seller-buyer agreement process took longer than expected, but Dustin was proactive and checked in with me when interest rates were at their lowest and made sure I didn't have any other qiestions while we were waiting. I high recommend Dustin Mack if you are in the market of purchasing a new home!!
    user4188874 CT
  • Dustin helped me get a mortgage for my first home. He was very knowledgable and helpful! He was willing to explain the process to me in detail and looked out for my best interest. I really appreciate all the help that he was able to give to me and I feel that my mortgage worked out great. I am loving my new home!
    S.L Mansfield, CT
  • One of the best mortgage broker .. Will always recommend friends and I can say one thing about him that he has a bright future . He not only helped me understanding the rules but also got me a very good rate
    Alok--Trumbull, CT
  • Dustin was easy to work with and very responsive. Day, night, or weekend he would always get back to you fast with the answer.  He works hard and makes sure things go smooth. Best of all he provides you with the right product for your situation.
    D.A.--Manchester, CT
  • Dustin is always a head of the game! He always had the answers to questions I was not even thinking about yet. He has a very calm and personal approach to every issue that came around during our home buying experience. Never once did I doubt his work abilities and his word behind every decision! Dustin is an outstanding individual and when we are ready to buy a new home we will go back to him!
  • Dustin gave me the best rate, very responsive and completed all the paper work way ahead of the scheduled time. We had a very smooth loan process with him. Also he has a website that we can upload documents so don't have to email back and forth. Dustin and Colleen are a great team.
  • My wife and I had been planning for years to buy our second home. We had no idea how challenging the process would be. If it hadn't been for Generation Mortgage there's a good chance we would have been stuck in our first home. No words can really express how happy we are that Dustin stuck it out and saw our loan through. Thank You Dustin, Gerry and Generation Mortgage!
    A.S--Manchester, CT
  • I got really lucky when my realtor recommended me to Dustin. We had a real short time frame to get the loan(2 1/2weeks). Dustin contacted me everyday even on weekends to help and make sure we have and get what we need. Answer my calls anytime of day even off of business hours made me feel like I was working with a friend. Very knowledgeable professional on time and helpful. If u are tired of the big bank or big mortgage company putting u on their bottom of the list cuz u not their "big time customer" and wantsa to be treated not only like a actual person but a friend I highly recommend Dustin
    Anonymous, CT
  • Would highly recommend Dustin Mack. He is extremely knowledgable and is willing to work very hard for you. Had a great experience and was thankful to have someone so helpful during my first home buying experience.
    D. P-- Wale, MA
  • Dustin was very knowledgeable and very helpful full. Very attentive and great personality very patient.. informed and guided me every step of the way . I would defiantly use Generation Mortgage again and would recommend it to my friends . The Attoney was right in the same office and work hand and hand .
    L.M-- Watertown, CT
  • Dustin was the second broker we went to after a negative experience with another broker. Dustin was available 24/7 he was professional,truthful,and was unbelievably  prepared at all times. He was always one step ahead and he closed a very difficult mortgage in 25 days. The one word I would say about Dustin would be AMAZING!
    M.J-- Manchester, CT
  • The process of buying a foreclosed home with a renovation loan is not something we were familiar with. Our Realtor was also very unfamiliar with this type of purchase so there were many questions being brought up. Dustin went above and beyond to help us better understand the process and investigate all that was needed for these very strict loans. When he wasn't able to give us an answer, he promised to do his best to find out as much information for us as possible, and he always followed through. It was a very stressful 3 month period for all to be approved but I can only imagine it being much more stressful had we not had Dustin on our side keeping us so frequently updated and taking the extra time to accommodate us. All while being friendly, professional, and understanding!!! Dustin, hands down, made the purchase of our first home much easier, given the circumstances of a very stressful renovation loan process!!    
    A.E--Willington. CT
  • Dustin was truly phenomenal! He got us a great mortgage and was incredibly helpful throughout the entire process. Dustin answered his phone at 6:00 a.m. and even on a Sunday when he was at a wedding,   I couldn't have asked for better help and support then he and his team provided.
    T. P.-- Cromwell. CT
  • Dustin Mack was referred to me by my realtor and the services he provided were complete, thorough, and easy to understand. Dustin took the time to explain all aspects of the process of buying a home for me and all of the associated costs early in the process. Dustin detailed the costs not only for his services, but for all services I would need to purchase the home. I made Dustin explain some items multiple times, due to it being my first home purchase, and he was more than patient and happy to cover the same topics until I felt comfortable that i understood everything. I will be using Dustin for a refinance in the near future and would recommend him to family and friends without trepidation.
    P. A-- Manchester, CT
  • Dustin is a true professional and an excellent communicator. There are few brokers out there who are worth working with, and he is one of the best. This is the 3rd loan he has done for me, and each time he has earned the respect of myself and of the agents involved in the sale.    
    J.H--Somers, CT
  • This is the first time I was purchasing a home on my own. I had made my decision to go with another Lender, but after talking to Dustin, he was so thorough with my questions I was asking I decided to go with his Company instead. He explained all my questions in detail and in terms I understood and if I didn't understand what he was talking about he would explain it in layman's terms so I could understand. We must of talked on the phone the first time for about an hour or so. I faxed him my information and the next day he called me to discuss my options. He gave me a great interest rate, which to me was very important. Explained what all my cost would be up front. From that day on he worked very closely with me. Believe me, I was not very knowledge, but I have to say I know so much more now thanks to Dustin. I was pressed for time as well, I was going on vacation in a few weeks and I needed everything done and ready before I left, Dustin promised me everything would be ready and of course it was. I could call Dustin day, night or weekends he was always available to answer my questions. Things didn't go as planned, the buyer for my house was not ready to pass paper on the date we originally chose and I was afraid I was going to lose my original finance rate, again thanks to Dustin my loan was extended for another 6 days which I was very grateful for. I would highly recommend Dustin to all my family and friends.
    K.M. -- Brockton, MA
  • Dustin is very very precise and thorough. He was able to expedite everything for is a would highly recommend him to each and everyone that we know. We will be back someday!!
    B.H. -- Vernon, CT
  • This was my second time using Dustin Mack for a mortgage and I found him and his team extremely helpful with the overall process. Dustin and his team were very knowledgeable and responsive. I was originally referred to him by a friend who used Dustin and was extremely satisfied. I would highly recommend him and will use him for future refinances.  I felt that Dustin worked very hard to get me the most competitive rate as possible and did a great job explaining all of the fees associated with the loan and there were no hidden surprises. He saved me a significant amount of money on my refi and got me a great rate on my second home and both loans closed extremely fast. Great job and I thank Dustin for his efforts.
    D.W. -- Woodstock Valley, CT
  • Dustin was fantastic to work with in securing our mortgage. He lets you know exactly what he needs and is quick to respond anytime of day...email or phone. Things were wrapped up for the closing well in advance and the whole process was worry free. On top of that his rates are great.
    C.N. -- Stamford, CT
  • Dustin was really great. My financials are very complex because I own a business, and Dustin was able to lock in a great rate for me and get the deal approved. 
    S.M. -- Meriden, CT
  • Working with Dustin is an absolute pleasure. We have used Dustin for a refinancing as well as the purchase of a new home and he did a fantastic job on both occasions. Dustin is extremely knowledgeable and patient, taking the time necessary to understand our needs and explain all options. He was able to quickly lock us into a great rate and made the entire mortgage process extremely easy. I've used other banks and brokers before using Dustin, and closing our loan with Dustin was the easiest and best experience I've had. I highly recommend Dustin and Generation Mortgage and have recommended him to a number of friends and relatives.
    R.B. -- New Canaan, CT