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Constant Contact: How Much Is Too Much With Your Mortgage?

Mortgages are a world of unknowns to the general population – For most people, you aren’t typically applying for a mortgage every day. Even a seasoned real estate investor can get tripped up every now and then as guidelines change and mortgage companies update their processes. So how much contact is too much contact? How often should you be talking with your loan officer during the mortgage process? What should you expect for response times?

Knowing where you stand in an unfamiliar process can provide immense comfort! Keep reading to learn more about the major milestones & contact points of the mortgage process.

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How to Get a Mortgage With NO Down Payment

One of the biggest questions I get is on the down payment. When you are purchasing a home, you’ll be asked right away how much money you are planning to put down. This money decreases the amount of money you are borrowing (meaning your loan amount will lower with each additional dollar you want to put down on a home). I am asked so often about low or no down payment loans. The down payment can be a large sum of money for sure! It’s great to know what your options are and what will work best with your specific goals. Read more to learn what’s available!

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